Rf-dim controller rgb-w

– Werkt i.c.m. de ‘LD02RGB1’

– Met “Touchpanel” voor alle kleuren

– In te stellen op meerdere programma’s

– Een bereik van ongeveer 20 meter

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Led Remote Controller (RGB(w)):
Used to control the RGBW led strip.

The RGB(w) remote controller has 6 different zones. It can control Red/Green/Blue/(White) colors directly. The remote control can save up to 6 color options or 6 models into corresponding buttons (1-6 positions) for each zone.
You can simply choose any color through the color wheel seen on the remote. You can set the system as RGB 3-channeloutput or RGB(w) 4-channel output.

Performance Parameter: Controller LF-2819 (Red,Green,Blue, optional White)
Operation voltage: 3.6VDC
Operation frequency: 434MHZ / 868 MHZ
Battery: 3pcs. AAA (1.5V) batteries
Warranty: 3 years

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